NexentaConnect 2
Software Defined Storage meets Virtualization.
Liberate your desktops. Any hardware, protocol, or app.
50% cheaper. 75% more performance. 10x faster.
100% Software. 100% Freedom. All Love.

Increase Virtual Desktop density by 75%. Improve End-User Experience by 10x. 100% Software.

NexentaConnect is a complete suite of software solutions to optimize Virtual Desktop Infrastructure deployments, at any scale, persistent or stateless desktops, on legacy shared storage or converged infrastructure. With advanced caching and I/O reduction algorithms, NexentaConnect delivers industry leading $ / desktop economics.


Simplify the many steps typically associated with storage deployment


Leverage the performance benefits of the NexentaConnect, no matter what storage your host server is using, be it DAS, SAN or NAS; whichever storage vendor you choose for your VDI deployment.